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How do I get the products I order via your Online Store? Do you post them to me?

No, we do not post your items to you: you collect them on the day of your visit. You will be emailed an order confirmation that will include your unique Order ID Number and a barcode that also contains this number. You may print or make a note of this number and take it with you when you go to The Gift Hut to pick up your products.  Or you can take your smartphone or tablet with the confirmation email on it, although we suggest that you print out the email as this will contain a barcode which will grant you quicker access.

We do not mail out any products ordered via the Online Store. They will all be waiting for you at The Gift Hut on the day of your visit.

What happens when I buy a ticket online?

On completion of your order, you will be emailed a confirmation email containing a barcode and an Order ID Number.  You will collect any products purchased via the Online Store including Go Unlimited Wristbands, Annual Passes and Super Saver Ride Books from The Gift Hut at Harbour Park on the day of your visit.

Present your confirmation email on arrival at The Gift Hut, or if you don’t have a printer, simply make a note of the Order ID Number or present your smart device with the email on it. You will then be given all the products you have purchased.

Can I purchase a ticket in-store or on the day?

Yes. You can also purchase any products available in the Online Store at The Gift Hut on-site at Harbour Park. You may not pay the same prices as those offered in the Online Store, however.

Is Car Parking close by Harbour Park?

Yes. Arun District Council run the car parks nearest the beach, river and beachside greens.  There is also free on-street parking within 50-100m of the beach. See our Find Us page for a map of the area.

Toilets / ATMs / Baby Changing?

All are available at Harbour Park.  Disabled cubicles are in each of Harbour Parks restrooms.  Toilets and showers are available at the Council-owned facilities by the beach.

Is my child tall enough to ride?

Please check our helpful height slider on our Rides and Attractions Page to see what your child can ride.  We also have height charts at sales points if you forget before the day.

Do I have to pay to accompany a child on the rides?

Not with a Wristband, provided the child is shorter than 1.2m in height.  Accompanying Adult stamps for over-16s accompanying children under 1.2m are available at The Gift Hut when purchasing a Wristband.  If the child is over 1.2m then the Accompanying Adult will be asked to pay for their ride.

If the child is using Ride Tickets or Ride Tokens then the Accompanying Adult will be asked to pay for their ride on attractions marked “per person”, but not on attractions marked “per car”.

Can I jump the queue system with a Wristband?

No.  There is no priority queuing system at Harbour Park.  After a ride cycle you must re-join the line whatever method of payment you have used.

Can I use more than 4 Wristbands from my Annual Pass in one day?

No, you can only use 4 Wristbands in one day. Please see the Annual Pass Terms and Conditions for more information. Discounts on further Wristbands and Ride Books of Tickets are offered within Annual Pass benefits.

I have used all 10 of my Annual Pass Wristbands. Do I still get discounts?

Yes.  All discounts last for 12 months until the cards expire. You can reset your 10 Wristband entitlement at The Gift Hut if you have a lot of time before your Annual Pass expires.

Do carers of those with special needs have to pay to accompany them?

No. If you are able to show your compass card, carer’s ID or equivalent we will issue a carer’s band at the Gift Hut regardless of which payment method you choose for the person with needs.

Is there wheelchair access at Harbour Park?

Yes. Please see details at our Accessibility page for information: https://www.harbourpark.com/plan-your-visit/accessibility/

Do you issue refunds?

You have the right to cancel any order you make for any product or service purchased through the Online Store for a full refund.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase from the Online Store, return it to us within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt in an unworn/unused condition for a full refund or exchange. If you wish to exchange or return any product while complying with these terms then please return the product to The Gift Hut with proof of purchase at:

Harbour Park, The Gift Hut, Arun Parade, The Seafront, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LL

Under the consumer Rights act 2015 you can request an exchange or refund if goods are faulty (are not satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose or do not last a reasonable length of time.)  We would expect most beach items to last at least for 1 day with correct use.

However, if you have purchased ‘services’ from the Tickets section or Annual Passes and they have been partially used, these are not normally refundable.  You should contact the Gift Hut to speak to a manager in this case.

How can I get in contact with you?

Contact us via our website Contact Us page here http://www.harbourpark.com/visitors-feedback/ , or via email at fun@harbourpark.com or during office hours you can phone us on 01903 721200